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Cardiac First Response - Commuity Level

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Life Saving Skills Await

The Cardiac First Response (Community) course is aimed at members of the public and health care professionals. The course meets all the requirements set out by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council.   

Objective: On completion of the Cardiac First Response (Community) course, participants will have

· An understanding of the principles of first response

· The necessary skills to deal with emergencies

· Essential life-saving skills

· All participants who pass the course successfully receive a Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council certificate.  

The course includes:  

- Cardiac Emergencies.

- Aspirin Administration.

- Defibrillator (AED).

- Scene management.

- Respiration & Airway obstruction.

- Infant / Child / Adult C.P.R. -Basic life support. 

Duration: 4 hrs  

Certification: 2 Year certification of Competence, recognised by Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council